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Mathematical Duel 2015-17

The project in question involves development and background of a mathematical competition between students of schools in Austria, Czech Republic and Poland. The competition itself is a further development of one that has been taking part on an annual basis for 22 years. This project is intended to extedn the reach and the scientific and didactic background of the competition, as well as to offer material to other school that wish to organize similar competitions for their students.

The most important aspects for the students involved are:

  • Raising awareness and competence in mathematics and related MINT (mathematics, informatics, natural science and technology) subjects. Particular emphasis is placed on the participation of female students in this context, and especially giving them a positive attitude to mathematics through the competition process.
  • Obtaining a scientifically validated background for the didactic value of the competition through research by university students.
  • Developing material for use by other schools that wish to organize similar events, such that these schools need not develop such an organisation themselves. This involves teacher training, written materials and a website.
  • Improving students' cooperation and cultural awareness through working together on website development, in the competition and in presenting their school and regions to each other.


Ultimately, long term benefits of this activity should include, but not be limited to, better awareness of and a more positive attitude to mathematics and MINT subjects, higher interest of all students, and particularly female students, in these pursuits, and higher profficiency of participants in this area.


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