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Interactive Entertainment Production

Project. The University of Silesia is committed to making its educational offering asattractive as possible, and hence the launch of a study programme devoted to interactive entertainment. Discussions on creation of new programmes and specialisations (majors) started during a conference “Game Day”, held at the Faculty of Computer Science and Materials Science (FCSMS), University of Silesia, back in 2010. Among faculty members involved were professor Urszula Boryczka (FCSMS) and doctor Paweł Jędrzejko (Faculty of Philology). The project, which brought together three faculties of the University of Silesia, was launched thanks to the support of HM Rector of the University of Silesia Professor Wiesław Banyś. Cooperation between the parties led to the launch of a new study programme at the Faculty of Fine Arts: Games and Virtual Space design, which is intended to train specialists for the ever-growing games and interactive entertainment market. Students can choose from among two specialisations: Computer Games Graphics, which aims to develop competencies in the field of graphic art and graphic design, with special focus on computer graphics techniques and the use of modern technologies in game design, and Sound and Music in Computer Games, which is addressed to those who are interested in creating and processing music and sound. Students who decide to pursue the sound and music specialisaton develop knowledge and skills related to music composition and arrangement, digital sound processing, MIDI equipment and software, as well as game audio post-production.

In the process, the project gained a new participating partner: the Institute of English Cultures and Literatures (Faculty of Philology), resulting in the launch of a new specialisation within the English Studies programme: Interactive Entertainment Design and Localisation of Games and Software (SPRINT-WRITE). Students pursuing this specialisation started a Student Research Club “DevProper”, and were involved in the organisation of Ars Independent International Film Festival 2013.

Within the Computer Science programme (Faculty of Computer Science and Materials Science) a new specialisation was launched: Computer Game Programmer. Students who decide to pursue it develop skills in the field of game design and programming.

Cooperation. Ever since 2013, all students pursuing the programmes and specialisations listed above have the opportunity to participate in the Summer Game Academy, which is a series of workshops held in the final week of June. The workshops are taught by specialists from the game industry. Under their supervision students form mixed teams and create game demos. The Academy is held with the support of companies Incuvo, The Farm 51, and HP. The authors of the project are open to further cooperation with business.


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