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The research projects of the University of Silesia concentrate on numerous disciplines and specialisations on both national and international scale, often gaining attention of reputable institutions such as Ministry of Science of Science and Higher Education, National Science Centre and National Centre for Research and Development.

The topics covered are, among others, health and medicine, environmental protection and water management, climate changes, biology and biotechnology, information technologies, nanotechnology, materials science, energy, but also humanities: linguistics, law, social sciences, education, pedagogy, psychology, theology, art and culture.

Many of these projects are guided by a concern for innovation and practical economic applications. Examples include research on:

  1. Health and medicine, e.g. research on the properties of new derivatives of porphyrins as potential photosensitizers in photodynamic therapy applied in the treatment of neoplasms; obtaining stable forms of amorphous medicines, characterized by excellent bioavailability; investigation of the structure and properties of nanocrystallic NiTi shape memory alloys,
  2. Climate change, e.g. polar studies, including prognosticated changes in glaciations of the Arctic and rises in global ocean levels as a result of global warming; climate changes in the Arctic and Antarctic; determination of trends governing the occurrence of climatic extremities in Poland and determination of indicators for the prognostication of threats caused by these phenomena,
  3. Nature and environmental protection, e.g. renewable geothermal energy; development and implementation of a TILLING platform as a tool for functional genomics and for improvement of functional properties and enrichment of breeding material of plants on the example of barley. 


Examples of specific projects:


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