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Centre for Polar Studies

Centre for Polar Studies (CPS) is the joint programme of leading Polish universities which in 2014 won the competition Leading National Research Centre 2014-2018. The CPS program is conducted by the following research units: the University of Silesia's Faculty of Earth Sciences (which is the leading unit of the program), Institute of Geophysics of Polish Academy of Sciences, and Institute of Oceanology of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Headed by Professor Jacek Jania, the aim of the Centre for Polar Studies (CSP) is to conduct advanced interdisciplinary studies of the Arctic and Antarctic environment and  training of young researchers. The Centre currently focuses on better understanding of interaction between atmosphere, ocean and cryosphere by gathering and interpreting extensive data on processes taking place in the Arctic. Another aim of the Centre is to determine the response of glaciers to future climate change through the expertise in studies of glaciers terminating into the sea.


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