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The University of Silesia constantly develops itself as a research and technological development unit, by increasing the number of research services, and opportunities for transfer of knowledge and innovation into the economy. The value of studies undertaken by the scientists of the University is reflected in the number of international projects that represent the principle direction of the activity of the institution — a regular contributor to the current academic and cultural dialogue and also a vibrant participant in the socioeconomic sphere, both domestically and internationally.

The University of Silesia fosters humanist research projects oriented towards current social issues and demographic trend analyses, as well as tracking developments in biological and exact sciences. From local to regional, and from pan-European to global, the University of Silesia’s undertakings span the modern scientific continuum, observing, evaluating and proposing solutions. Supported by national and international institutions and consortia, multiple projects aim at achieving substantial technological advances to be practically applied in such areas as economic policy. 

The activities of the University are in keeping with our philosophy that an institution of higher education needs to keep abreast of developments in all areas of study and life and meet the challenges of an ever-evolving reality. 

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