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The University of Silesia enables its staff and students to work in highly developed infrastructure of systematically modernised laboratory facilities, on state-of-the-art research apparatus.

Academics from the University of Silesia work in modern lab facilities (137 laboratories and workrooms) equipped with worldclass research equipment. The University makes many elements of its research infrastructure available to third party entities for commercial use, and some of these elements are the subject of long-term lease agreements. A dozen or so of the laboratories have already been attested for quality of research procedures, and many others are in the process obtaining requisite certificates.

Constantly investing in new laboratories and teaching centres, The University of Silesia has established some of the largest and most significant research units in the country:

  • The Centre for Scientific Information and Academic Library (CINiBA), which is the joint initiative of the University Silesia and the University of Economics, located in the city centre of Katowice,
  • Silesian Centre for Education and Interdisciplinary Research (ŚMCEBI) in Chorzów, a research hub of multiple faculties of the university, but also a unit devoted to popularizing science through organizing worksops and promotional activities.
  • Conference rooms and auditoriums - a wide range of the University’s instructional rooms, conference rooms and auditoriums are made available to third parties. The University also has its own vacation centres, based in Szczyrk, Cieszyn, and Chorzów.

Accredited infrastructure

Formal attestation of labs’ competence to undertake specific tasks, performed by an authorized accreditation organisation aims to build and boost trust in findings of research conducted in accredited facilities. Accreditation of a laboratory if often a prerequisite for establishing cooperation with external partners. Hence, the University is investing in accreditation of selected laboratories with a view to extending their commercial use potential.

In 2011, the Department of Computer Biomedical Systems, Faculty of Computer Science and Materials Science, opened a worldclass laboratory allowing new methods of research into bone tissue microstructure and other biomaterials, as well as polymers, ceramics, biological preparations, fossils, etc. The laboratory is equipped with, among others, a high-resolution micro-CT scanner, 3D printer, and specialist software.

Selected accredited laboratories of the University of Silesia:

  • Electron Microscopy Laboratory
  • Auger Electron Spectroscopy Laboratory
  • Classical Electrochemical Methods Laboratory
  • Laboratory for Obtaining Coatings and Sample Preparation for Microscopy
  • Mossbauer Effect Laboratory
  • Scanning Microscopy Laboratory
  • High-throughput Sequencing Laboratory
  • Molecular Markers and Sequencing Laboratory
  • Fluorescence Microscopy and Image Cytometry Laboratory
  • Image Analysis Laboratory
  • Electron Microscopy Room
  • Environmental Biotechnology Laboratory
  • Chromatography Laboratory
  • Bioelectromagnetism Laboratory


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