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Cooperation Agreement with the University of Calcutta (India)

The University of Silesia will enter into cooperation with the University of Calcutta. The bilateral agreement between the Universities will be signed on 10th May 2017 during IX European Economic Congress, which will take place in the International Conference Center in Katowice on 10th – 12th May.

Visit of the Liaoning Province (P.R. China) representatives to the University of Silesia

On Thursday 11th the University of Silesia will host the delegarion of Liaoning Province of People’s Republic of China. The Province will be represented by Zhao Guohong – Vice-Governor of Liaoning Province, Chang Hai – Director of the Committee for Foreign Affairs, Liaoning People’s Congress, Wang Xiaojiang – Executive Vice-Director of Liaoning Tourist Bureau, Ms.

Conference of Chinese and Polish Universities

The representatives of the University of Silesia will take part in the “International Joint Conference of Polish and Chinese Technical Universities, Establishment of the Joint Research Center of the New Silk Route in Poznan”. The conference will be hosted by Poznan University of Technology on 26 and 27 April 2017, and will cover the topics of the academic cooperation between Polish and Chinese universities.

Prof. Barbara Kożusznik in the IDOCAL Institute's Research Board

Barbara Kożusznik, a Proffessor of the University of Silesia in Katowice, as well as the Head of the Chair of the Work Psychology in the Institute of Psychology, became the Research Board member of IDOCAL Instutite (Institute for Research in Psychology of Human Resources, Organizational Development and Work Quality of Life), a research unit of the University of Valencia.

The aim of the IDOCAL institute is to promote the results of psychological research in social life, especially in work organization and quality of work life.

Joanna Warmuzińska-Rogóż receiving Pierre Savard Award

Dr hab. Joanna Warmuzińska-Rogóż – vice-director of the Institute of Roman Languages and Translation studies, translation and literaturę specialist – was honoured with Pierre Savard Award in the category of the best Canadian Studies book written in foreign language. Pierre Savard Award is an annual prize of the International Council for Canadian Studies (ICCS/CIEC) given to authors of scientific monographs, which significantly contribute to the promotion of Canada.

Delegation of the University of Silesia to China

In order to intensify the academic cooperation between Poland and China, the representatives of Polish universities will pay a visit to Beijing on 20th – 24th March 2017.

Poland Business and Education Week in Nevada

On March 14-17, 2017 the visit of the representatives of Polish administration institutions and academic environment will head to the Nevada state in the United States of America. The visit is organized as a part of the Poland Business and Education Week organized by Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with Marshal's Office of Silesian Voivodeship, Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Katowice, Governor’s Office and Polish-American Chamber of Commerce of Nevada.

The Best Internship Destination in Silesia 2016

On Thursday, February 23rd, the final of the competition for the best internship destination in Silesia 2016 took place. 

UŚ at Education and Career fairs in Minsk, Belarus

The representatives of the International Admissions Office are participating in the Education and Career fairs in Minsk, Belarus, which is held from, 16th February to 18th February 2017. The aim of the fairs is to promote the educational offer of foreign higher education institutions, as well as current teaching technologies, to the youth and potential candidates in Belarus.

Orientation Day for Exchange Students

The Orientation Day for exchange students will take place on Monday, February 13th at 11 am, in Aula im. Kazimierza Lepszego in the Rectorate of the University of Silesia (Bankowa 12, Katowice).

The meeting of Silesian Universities Network

On 6 February 2017 the meeting of Silesian Universities Network took place in the Rectorate of the University of Silesia. The meeting summarized the activities of the network in the years 2014-2016, the period in which Prof. Mirosław Nakonieczny served as the network’s President.

University of Silesia among the most innovative Polish universities

The University of Silesia reached the first place among the comprehensive universities in Poland in terms of both number of patent applications and of granted patents in the year 2016.

The University of Silesia also placed 11th among 20 most innovative higher education institutions in Poland and 14th, together with the University of Warmia and Mazury, in number of patent applications.

UŚ TV streaming National Congress of Science conference

On 26th and 27th January 2017 the conference organized by Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education will take place in Katowice. The con

CINiBA by night

During the winter examination session Scientific Information Centre and Academic Library extends the working hours. To help the students in preparing for exams, they are free to use the resources of the library and get the support of its employees.

VI World Congress of Polonists Lectures in Postscriptum Polonistyczne

The newest issue of Postscriptum Polonistyczne magazine is now released and available for download. This issue features the lectures presented by some of the most notable Polish scholars during the VI World Congress of Polonists.

Celebration of Chinese New Year 2017

The University of Silesia, together with the City of Zabrze, celebrates the Chinese New Year 2017.

Conference of National Congress of Science in Katowice

The conference organized by Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education will take place on 26th of January 2017 in the International Conference Centre (Miedzynarodowe Centrum Kongresowe) and on 27th January on the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Silesia in Katowice.

Admissions for the Summer Semester

On January 9 – 27 the admissions for summer semester will be open for the following Master programmes:

In English:

  • Computer Science,
  • Materials Science and Engineering,

In Polish:

Winter Holidays 2016/2017

According to the organization of the academic year 2016/2017, between 23rd December 2016 and 6th January 2017 there are winter holidays at the University of Silesia. In this period classes are revoked. Due to holiday plans, also the work of the administration will be narrowed.

The organization of the academic year may be found here.

Polish Border Guard Advisory Point at the University of Silesia

Together with Polish Border Guard the University of Silesia has established an advisory point for foreigners.

Foreigners' Christmas Eve 2016

The School of Polish Language and Culture together with the Chair of International Polish Studies continues the tradition of celebrating Christmas Eve together with foreign students of the University of Silesia.

Campus France Day

On 6th of December we invite all Francophones for Campus France Day in Katowice. Here you'll get to know everything you want about studying in France, learning French and future job possibilities. We start at 10 a.m. at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Bankowa 11, Katowice.

For more information please visit:

Program of the meeting

Silesian Science Festival 2016

From 13th to 15th October the City of Katowice will host the largest and most important event on popular science in the region of Silesia.

Silesian Science Festival is organized together with representatives of leading Silesian universities, among which significant share are the staff members of the University of Silesia.

School of Chinese Law and Culture

Starting from October 2016 University of Silesia in Katowice opens the School of Chinese Law and Culture at the Faculty of Law and Administration. The opening of the School is a result of strong and long-lasting ccollaboration between the University of Silesia in Katowice and two Chinese universities – Beijing Foreign Studies University and the Northeastern University in Shenyang.

VI World Congress of Polonists

More than 300 experts on the Polish language, culture and literature will meet in Katowice at the VI World Congress of Polonists. The meeting, which gathers teachers and researchers, theoreticians and practitioners, will be organized at the University of Silesia in Katowice on 22-26 June.


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