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HR Strategy for Researchers

"The University of Silesia takes research freedom very seriously. The principle of scientific freedom is in fact introduced in the University of Silesia Statute: "The University is guided by a concern for the freedom to teach, freedom of research, freedom of artistic creation, and respect for different views". The Mission Statement of the University of Silesia reads: "The University will carry out research and create new ways to describe the world and search for laws that govern it. The University is moved and shaped by a constant quest for opening new cognitive horizons (...)". Researchers are free to express their ideas, identify scientific problems, and propose research methods. As a rule, they carry out research of their own initiative, provided it conforms with a given research unit's research programme and takes into account the availability of research infrastructure and financial capacity of the research unit in question.

However, researchers must respect norms and professional ethics principles. To this end, the University, through a Rector's Regulation, has introduced the University of Silesia Ethics Committee Rules on research involving human subjects. Under said Rules, a committee shall be appointed to examine whether human dignity is respected in the process of carrying out research."

Full text of HR Excellence in Research: Internal analysis of gaps in internal regulation and action plan for the years 2016 - 2018 can be found here.


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