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Facts and Trivia

Centre for Polar Studies – Leading National Research Centre in Earth Sciences. Ran in cooperation with two branches of Polish Academy of Sciences, the Centre conducts interdisciplinary studies of the Arctic and Antarctic environment. It was awarded with Polish Leading National Research Centre label for 2014-2018.

Ice-cliff of Hans Glacier and peak of Fannytoppen in proximity of the Polish Polar Station Hornsund, Spitsbergen
Photo by Dariusz Ignatiuk

CINiBA Awarded library & architectural achievement. Scientific Information Centre and Academic Library (CINiBA) is hybrid-library of the University of Silesia and University of Economics in Katowice. It has received multiple architectural awards, such as: Polityka’s Architecture Award 2011, Construction of the Year 2011 (2nd degree award in „science and culture buildings” category), and many others.

Game developers are shaped here. The University of Silesia is the only Polish higher education institution that comprehensively educates computer game developers in game design and localization. Stucent can choose three study programmes focusing on designing game levels, graphics and sounds, as well as adapting the final product to target market.

• University hot air balloon – the only in Poland. University Atmospheric Control Lab is a joint venture of three faculties of the University of Silesia. In order to study air quality, sources and movement of the pollution, the hot air balloon is constantly connected with stationary laboratories equipped with atmospheric pollution testing equipment.

University Atmospheric Control Lab
Photo by: Giga Gogosashvili

The science of brewery university beer. PhD students of the Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection worked on selection and isolation of the yeast strains. Strains received this way were later used in brewery. As a result of the project, the university beer is now available in stores all over the region.

Strength in Linguistics. The University of Silesia puts strong emphasis on linguistic studies. Students have the opportunity to learn over 20 languages, among others Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Korean and Swedish. Moreover, the Faculty of Philology runs a number of research centres in areas foreign studies, such as Canadian Studies Centre, Writing Centre, Interactive Narratives Research Center, Theatre Research Centre “Theatrum”, to name just a few.

Space donkey – University’s mascot sent to stratosphere. With help of Unibot and Teenagers’ University of Silesia scientists, a group of middle-school students has released a stratospheric balloon equipped with a research probe and university mascot attached. The launch allowed the students to learn the basics of electronics and programming. The donkey rose to the height of 30 km and reached the speed of 72 meters per second during the fall.

Space donkey – University’s mascot sent to stratosphere
Photo by: Unibot

• Academic Sports Association – largest branch in Poland. Nationwide organization of students and academics. 51 sports sections and over 2,000 regular members make the branch of the University of Silesia the largest in Poland.

• Open to cultures. The University actively supports initiatives focusing on international cooperation. Some of the most vivid examples are Center of Chinese Language and Culture, which was opened in January 2018, School of Chinese Law and CultureSchool of US Business & Law, and American Corner Katowice ran at the University of Silesia.


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