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The roots of the University of Silesia date back to 1928, when the Institute of Pedagogics was established in Katowice. The institute was later reformed to National Pedagogical University in 1950, however, first preparations to formation of what would later become the University of Silesia were taken just after the finish of Second World War.

In June 1962, a branch of Jagiellonian University was settled in Katowice, which concentrated, apart from humanities, on mathematics, physics and law. Together with the National Pedagogical University, these are the foundations of what came to life in 1968 as the University of Silesia. And so on October 1, 1968, the University (comprising of four faculties) had its first academic year inaugurated, providing almost 6,000 students with twelve programmes, such as philology, pedagogics, psychology, history, law, administration, mathematics, physics, chemistry, physical education, electrotechnics and mechanics. Two years later, the branch of the University in Cieszyn was established, and in following years (1974-1978) six new faculties were opened. In the years of 2004 and 2005, last three faculties were established (two of which had their roots in reformed branch of the University in Cieszyn).

Today the University of Silesia encompasses twelve faculties and a number of units located in four cities of Upper Silesia – Katowice, Chorzów, Sosnowiec and Cieszyn.


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