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Erasmus Policy Statement

"Mission of the University of Silesia is to build modern Higher Education Institution of the highest quality of teaching and research, open to the needs of the labour market, region and country, with strong European dimension and ready for all kinds of international cooperation both European and worldwide. Internationalisation plays important role among the university activities and cooperation with foreign partner institutions of different types is crucial to its development.

A complex strategy of the University of Silesia is presented in a document entitled Development strategy of the University of Silesia in Katowice 2012-2020, adopted by the Senate of the university on 24th January 2012. The strategy is related to the principle development directions of universities in Europe and world-wide and combines EU targets with national priorities. It is based on the strategic document: EUROPE 2020. A strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth and on national documents: Poland 2030 and National Reform Programme.

The main objectives of the strategy are: modern, open and innovative university, effectively using its human and material resources for sustainable development, international and multicultural.

Internationalization of scientific research and studies and increasing mobility of students and staff is one of the five key tasks set in the university strategy. It will be implemented in particular through joint international research and educational projects and networks, study programmes leading to double or multiple diplomas and facilitation of recognition of knowledge and qualifications gained abroad.

The activities undertaken by the University of Silesia under the programme are part of its strategy and enable its better implementation."

Full text of Erasmus Policy Statement of the University of Silesia can be found here.


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