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Scientific Information Centre and Academic Library (CINiBA)

Opened in 2012, the Scientific Information Centre and Academic Library (Polish Acronym: CINiBA) is a modern scientific library open to everyone – not only for students and researchers. As opposed to the traditional, remote librarians-only stacks, most of the materials in this rich collection are freely available in the open space to which users have free access. One can also use cutting-edge technologies and information tools. It is also a friendly space, designed to be accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities. The space is ready and waiting for your scientific challenges.

CINiBA is:

  • a joint project of the University of Silesia and the University of Economics in Katowice,
  • a hybrid library – free access to different types of data carriers: books, magazines, databases, electronic texts, audio-visual materials, multimedia, and collections adjusted to the needs of all groups of users,
  • an award-winning architectural project.

CINiBA offers:

  • over 1.5 million books and magazines of all fields of science,
  • over 340 thousand volumes of newest scientific publications,
  • over 150 work stations,
  • 1,000 scientific, cultural and educational events each year.


For more information, please visit the website.


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