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University Open to All

The mission of the University of Silesia begins with providing a high quality education for its degree program students, but extends well beyond this to function as a meeting point for all members of the local community – regardless of age. That is why at the University of Silesia we have prepared extended educational offerings especially tailored to serve the needs of different age groups.

Childrens’ University of Silesia
Designed for children, organized by university staff, teching by fun activities, fascinating workshops, exciting events, educational parties, and a variety of multimedia activities.

Prospective Students’ University of Silesia
Here, via blended learning, the university offers a valuable range of specialized preparatory courses for high school grads who intend on getting enrolled by the University.

Teenagers’ University of Silesia
The varied enrichment programs offered here expand teens’ knowledge, inspire new interests and develop talents and skills.

University of the Third Age
Established in 1982 on the premise that one is never too old to learn, our Third Age University provides a wealth of lectures, workshops, and courses for the senior members of the local community.


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