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Complementary Education

Being aware of current market situation, as well as having in mind the ones who strive for knowledge, the University of Silesia does not limit its offer only to the range of Bachelor, Master and Doctoral studies. The strong emphasis put on the significance of broadening one's competences convinced the University to enhance its offer with complimentary forms of education that would support the individual development of the student.

Postgraduate Studies (Post-Master studies)
In order to broaden the qualifications of its students even further, the University of Silesia offers a range of postgraduate programmes specialized to fit both the needs of the labour market and individual interests of the student.

Executive MBA
Aimed at business owners and executives on top management positions, the programme is a result of University’s cooperation with Gdańsk Foundation for Management Development, and is validated by Aix-Marseille Graduate School of Management. The programme was also awarded Masterclass in the rating of SEM FORUM.

The Career Centre of the University of Silesia supports both the students and graduates of the University of Silesia by organizing numerous courses and trainings in various disciplines, most often related to the labour market and interpersonal skills, but not limited to those areas. The trainings are conducted by the employers, external specialists or specialized staff.

University of Silesia for Teachers
An initiative of Livelong Learning Centre of the University of Silesia, the University for Teachers is an initiative addressed to teachers, intended to provide them with new ideas, inspiration and suggest new development strategies. 

Academy of Diplomacy
The offer of the Academy of Diplomacy is aimed at those who are interested in broadening their knowledge of diplomatic etiquette, international relations, economy and politics. Among the lecturers of the academy are among others representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Science and Higher Education and Regional Chamber of Commerce in Katowice.

UNIBOT project is a workshop on robotics, which is addressed to students of elementary and secondary schools willing to gain knowledge and skills in robot construction and programming. The course of workshop covers, among others, biorobotics and basics of programming in Python and Java languages.


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