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Polish Language Courses

The Polish language courses are organized by the School of Polish Language and Culture for everyone interested in learning Polish. The courses are designed especially for the foreigners that intend to stay in Poland for in order to work, study or simply to settle there.
The courses are appropriated for people who do not have enough time for learning language and those who appreciate systematical learning. On the courses a student of Polish philology will fit just as well as a businessman.

The program of courses provides participants with classes which cover regular linguistic knowledge and deliver certain level of proficiency in Polish, preparing students for common situations in private and business life. The basic learning program consists of 60 teaching hours (45 minutes each). 

The Polish Language Courses are conducted on the each level of language proficiency (A0 – Survival Polish, A1 – Breakthrought, A2 – Waystage User, B1 – Threshold User, B2 – Independent User, C1 – Competent User, C2 – Good User). The course startswith a qualifying test and ends with an exam estimating student's progress. The course envisages also mid-semester tests.

For more information about courses please visit the website of School of Polish Language and Culture.


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