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Students' Associations

Knowing the importance of participation in comminuties, the university strongly supports all kinds of initiatives organized by its students which focus on the personal development, among others:

Student Government - a student organization which brings each and every student of our university together. Dedicated to academic support, Student Government provides the students of the university with any form of support available. Its purpose is also to represent students both within the university and externally, as well as to organize multiple social and academic events.

Erasmus Student Network - an international student organisation devoted to representing international students, thus provide opportunities for cultural understanding and self-development under the principle of Students Helping Students.

Science Circles - Students of the University of Silesia have the possibility of establishing and running independent science circles. The content and subject matters of such organizations are all dependent on the members of given science circle – the university does not limit them by any means.

Academic Sports Association - national organization gathering both students and academic staff of the university passionate about sports. Altogether there are over 30 sections in the branch of the University of Silesia, 15 of which is ran by the university staff, 8 by external instructors. 10 of these sections are ran by the students. 

“Katowice” Students' Song and Dance Ensemble - the folklore gem of the university since its very beginning. The ensemble preserves the folk culture of many Polish regions, with emphasis put on Silesia, and is constantly expanding its repertoire. “Katowice” performs regional dance shows, concerts, workshops and educational concerts all over the world. 


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