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WiFi and Student e-mail account

Students of the University of Silesia have an opportunity to use wireless internet free of charge in university's buildings. Moreover, owning the university account they are able to get access to the internet in most universities in Poland.

In order to get access to university's WiFi you'll need to choose student-us or eduroam WiFi source and may enter the following information to your device:

SSID: student-us
protection: WPA2-Enterprise
encryption: AES
authentication method: Microsoft: protected protocol EAP
certificate: AddTrust External CA Root
authentication: secure password (EAP-MSCHAPv2)

Log-in: your student e-mail address (example:
Password: password of your e-mail address


If you don't have student e-mail address yet, follow next steps.

Activating student e-mail account

Step 1. Go to USNET Website, enter your USOS ID (Polish ID number - PESEL, number from IRK or index number) and password and click Przejdź dalej (Continue).

Step 2. Check all fields and click Aktywuj konto (Activate account).

Step 3. Select e-mail address you want to use and click Ustaw wybrany alias dla mojego konta (Set choosen alias for my account).

Step 4. Click Naciśnij, aby się wylogować (You may now log out).


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