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Industry Cooperation

We are constantly enhancing and expanding our network of connections with industry and local government through facilitating smooth exchange of information, expectations and needs of all partners. Effective communication has enabled us to create several areas in which the University of Silesia can offer cooperation to partners from various industry sectors.

Areas of collaboration with industry:

  • Access to catalogue of scientific research services,
  • Contracted research,
  • Expert opinions by the academics of the University of Silesia - world-class experts in their fields,
  • Access laboratory and conference facilities.

See the Terms of Cooperation with Industry here.

The Office for Industry Cooperation

In order to enhance the cooperation to its fullest, the University of Silesia has established a highly specialized unit, which main focus is facilitating the network of collaboration for science, industry and local government.

Their purpose is to assist the academics: organize trainings in the commercialisation of scientific research results, support the development of potential and improvement of qualifications in the area of university-industry collaboration. Two-level approach of the office combines assistance to academic staff with promotion of the potential and accomplishments of the university in business environment.

For more information please visit the Office's website.


To commercialize results of scientific research and facilitate transfer of academic knowledge to the economy we established a special purpose entity named SPIN-US.

The main course of action for the SPIN-US company is the commercialization of the results from scientific research, work development and technology created at the University, and the transfer of knowledge from research to the economy.

It is created for employees, students and graduate students interested in the commercialization of research results and also for companies and inventors interested in implementing that R&D results.

For more information please visit company's website.


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