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Academic Cooperation

As a vibrant member of the global academic community, international cooperation is a paramount priority at the University of Silesia. We establish and maintain long-term cooperation with our global partners on a number of different levels, including educational, research, and cultural. The University of Silesia has signed over 600 bilateral agreements with partner institutions in countries all over the world.

We believe that it is crucial to teach, discover, and transfer knowledge in a form that is not only fascinating but also applicable in the world and everyday life. Numerous international research projects conducted by the University of Silesia students, alumni and faculty increase the potential and effectiveness of the university and the global academic community it adds value to.

Being aware of the importance of exchanging the University of Silesia is just as open for the cooperation with other educational institutions as possible. We highly appreciate the possibilities such collaboration could provide for the information flow, research and exchange (both of knowledge and experience) possibilities.

Click here to see the complete list of bilateral agreements with foreign higher education institutions.


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