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ProspectUS - New University Strategy

Seven groups of academic and administrative staff work on a new university strategy focusing on the research potential.  The results will be ready on 31st May 2019.

Led by the Vice-Rector for Finance and Development, Prof. Michał Daszykowski, the project focuses on six areas essential for our university to operate efficiently: staff, science, education, infrastructure, cooperation with the environment, and visibility.

Over the next few months our employees representing all groups: scientific, didactic, administrative and managerial, as well as external experts will conduct analyses of the state of the university and its environment to prepare a development plan for our University, that should, in effect, strengthen our research position.

We believe that the most effective way to strengthen the research potential of the University of Silesia is to step aside and have a better look at the university in its environment and then to work out a long-term plan for development. In Latin prospectus stands for perspective. Additionally, this word, which serves as the name of our project, also houses the pronoun US. In this manner we stress the fact that our activities are going to be personal and are going to concern every member of our academic community. We would like all of the staff to adopt the perspective that the University of Silesia is us.

“ProspectUS – developing our academic reputation” is financed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education within the activity “Strategy of Excellence: Research University”.


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