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Henan Academy of Science paid a visit to US

On July 9, 2019, a delegation from the Henan Academy of Science visited the University of Silesia.

The visit was focused on establishing cooperation between both institutions in the field of science and environmental sciences.

The Chinese delegation was headed by its Vice-President Huang Dao Gong. The scope of research conducted by Henan Academy of Science was presented by prof. Qunshegn Chen (Senior Researcher) and prof. Liang Zhao from the Institute of Chemistry, who leads both Chinese-Belarusian Joint International Laboratory and Chinese-German International Joint Research Center.

The research potential of the University of Silesia was presented by prof. Danuta Stróż - Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science and Materials Science, prof. Stanisław Kucharski - Director of the Institute of Chemistry, Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, and prof. Piotr Świątek - Vice-dean of the  Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection.

The visit was an occasion to present the research infrastructure of the Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection.

Photo: Department of International Relations


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