Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection

The faculty was set up in 1972, having evolved out of the Institute of Biology, which was founded in 1969, and reorganized as a separate university faculty three years later. It is now a fully recognized academic institution, entitled to grant doctoral and other degrees in the field of biology. The faculty is currently composed of 14 departments and laboratories and the Unit of Biology Teaching. It occupies two separate buildings located in Katowice, at 28 Jagiellońska St and 9 Bankowa St.

The Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection offers courses in Biology, Biotechnology and Environmental Protection with Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes. The courses include the following specializations:

  • Biology: General and Experimental Biology, and Biology in Environmental Protection.
  • Biotechnology: Biotechnology of Crop Plants and Environmental Biotechnology.
  • Environmental Protection: Biological Basis of Environmental Protection, Physicochemical Methods in Environmental Protection, Geoecology, Modern Instrumental Methods in Monitoring and Protection of the Environment.

The faculty also offers a four-year doctoral programme including a course in English: “Advanced Methods in Biotechnology and Biodiversity”.

Graduates students who wish to teach biology at primary and high school level receive

professional qualification by attending a special course provided by the faculty.

The faculty’s research and teaching facilities include highly specialized, inter-departmental laboratories (e.g. molecular biology lab, molecular cytogenetics and image processing lab, environmental biotechnology lab, plant biotechnology lab, electron and confocal microscopy lab) equipped with modern scientific instruments, classrooms and computer rooms with audiovisual equipment. Special premises and equipment are used for growing plants in artificial conditions. These include growth chambers, phytotrons, greenhouses and an experimental field.

The faculty research is focused on four key areas of interest: environmental biotechnology, plant biotechnology and experimental biology, analysis of environmental changes in the postindustrial era, and taxonomy, phylogenesis and phylogeography of selected groups of plants and animals.

Faculty members present their findings during specialist conferences worldwide. Their research is published in a number of international and Polishscientific journals, such as Nature, Chromosome Research, Planta, Plant Physiology, Genome, Trees, Dendrobiology, Journal of Experimental Botany, Plant Cell Reports, Plant Breeding, Eco-toxicology, Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, The Journal of Bacteriology, Environmental Pollution, European Journal of Entomology.

Faculty members are actively involved in disseminating knowledge of the natural world by publishing books and articles on the local flora and fauna as well as problems of their conservation in highly industrialized and post-industrial areas.

The faculty cooperates with numerous universities and academic institutions in both Poland (for example, the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Ecology of Industrialized Areas, the Institute of Environmental Health and Medical Care at Work, the Centre of Oncological Treatment, etc.) and abroad. Silesian scholars work in collaboration with their colleagues at universities and research centers in Germany (Freiburg, Würzburg, Borstel), Denmark (Aarhus), Great Britain (London, Wolverhampton), Finland (Turku), Austria (Vienna), Sweden (Uppsala), Holland (Wageningen), Ireland (Cork), the Czech Republic (Ostrava), Slovakia (Bratislava) and many others.


Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection

ul. Jagiellońska 28, 40-032 Katowice

ul. Bankowa 9, 40-007 Katowice