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Disabled Students' Support

The main concern of the Disabled Students' Support Office is the adjusting the university to the needs of the student. How the process works:

  • Departament of International Relations (DIR) informs the Office for Disabled Students (ODS) of a disabled student arrival
  • ODS asseses needs of a particular student
  • ODS lists available forms of support and informs the student about them
  • after consulting it with the student, DIR and ODS select needed forms of support and begin to implement them


Availabe forms of support:

  • disabled student’s assistant
  • toll-free hire of necessary equipment (such as: magnifying glasses, recorders etc.)
  • adjusting forms of validation (written exam to verbal exam, using special software while taking a written exam etc.)
  • providing with digitalized versions of textbooks
  • accommodation in dorm rooms adjusted to disabled persons’ needs

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