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Cooperation agreement with Beijing University of Technology

This week, the delegation of Beijing University of Technology has visited the University of Silesia in Katowice. The reason for the meeting was to broaden the cooperation between universities by extending the current cooperation agreement, which was concluded in signing the framework agreement between the universities on October 17, 2018 in Katowice.

Both universities closely cooperate since 2017, and the results of such cooperation are already visible. In January 2018 the Center of Chinese Language and Culture was opened at the University of Silesia, thanks to the huge help of the Beijing University of Technology and Confucius Institute in Opole. The Beijing University of Technology has supported US with all the necessary educational materials and teaching aids, and the Confucius Institute in Opole provided the textbooks and dictionaries necessary for the operation of the Center. The same year, during the Summer School of Polish Language, Literature and Culture, over thirty participants were the students and employees of Beijing University of Technology.

Planned joint activities of the universities are boosting the academic exchange, establishing the Confucius Class at the University of Silesia, and creating joint study program with Beijing University of Technology. The study program would prepare future translators for work in companies with a technical profile, and would include both language and sociocultural classes.

There are already plans for signing of the second part of the cooperation agreement regarding the extended exchange of students (part-time studies and the summer school of Chinese and Polish languages).

During the visit, the Beijing University of Technology was represented by the President – Prof. Liu Gonghui and representatives of selected university units: Head of the Beijing-Dublin International College – Prof. Wu Wenying , Director of the Department of International Cooperation – Prof. Wang Wei and Director of Academic Affairs – Prof. Sun Zhirong, and Director of the Confucius Institute in Opole – Prof. Liang Yansong.

The representatives of the University of Silesia were: Rector – Prof. Andrzej Kowalczyk, Vice-Rector for Domestic and International Cooperation – Prof. Tomasz Pietrzykowski, Director of the School of Polish Language and Culture – Prof. Jolanta Tambor, Head of the Center for Chinese Language and Culture – Dr. Agnieszka Tambor, Head of the International Students Admissions Office – Joanna Laskowska and Giga Gogosashvili from the International Students Admissions Office.

Photo by: Press Section of the University of Silesia


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