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3rd Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE

The next, already third, edition of the Silesian Science Festival will be held between 12th and 14th January 2019. Encouraged by the success of the last edition, the organisers of the event decided to extend the formula of those parts of the programme which worked out really well, as well as to offer the audience  completely new elements.

One of the most significant supplements to the formula of the Silesian Science Festival is the central theme which is going to make its debut in the forthcoming edition – ENERGY.

– We have thought that both the character of the region and the activities of individual entities which organise the Festival will be reflected in this theme. After all, energy  should not only be understood traditionally as a category of physics or explosive energy, but also as human energy, which we all have, energy of words which we utter and energy of the meanings of these words – says prof. dr hab. Ryszard Koziołek, General Director of the Silesian Science Festival.

The 3rd Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE will officially kick off on Saturday 12th January, and the 8th Biologists’ Night at University of Silesia, which is organised parallel to the Festival, is planned for 11th January (Friday). This all-Polish action, aimed at promoting biological sciences and knowledge related to animals, plants and microorganisms among pupils, students and all interested parties, will have the status of an official prologue to the 3rd Silesian Science Festival.

The Festival will be officially inaugurated at the Silesian Theatre in Katowice on 12th January at 7 pm. The opening ceremony will be conducted by dr Tomasz Rożek – graduate of University of Silesia, and currently one of the most recognised scientific journalists in Poland: connected with Polish Radio Three and author of the Sonda 2 programme on TVP2. Dr Rożek and dr Maria Chełkowska will talk about the perception of music by a physicist and psychologist.
The deliberations will be accompanied by a performance of musicians and choir. There will also be a CallTrain MO4/HG4 concert/multimedia installation prepared by prof. Marian Oslislo from Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice and accompanying musicians. When the special guest – NASA astronaut Nicole Stott – will appear on stage, it will be time for a unique discussion about space flights and creation of art in a weightless environment. The final part of the event will be the Silesian Scientific Awards gala. To get a free entrance ticket for the events at the Silesian Theatre, you only need to register on the website of the Silesian Science Festival (the number of places is, of course, limited).

Then, the 3rd Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE will move, like in the case of the previous two editions, to the International Congress Centre in Katowice. It will be there that on Sunday 13th January and Monday 14th January the audience of the Silesian Science Festival will see the main attractions and  activities of the Festival. The multifunctional room of the International Congress Centre will again house six fields of knowledge dedicated to different areas: exact sciences, natural sciences, technical sciences, humane and social studies, medicine and health, and arts. The fields of knowledge will be presented at numerous show stands, through which – according to the organisers – it will be possible to experience science in a most tangible way. The multifunctional room will also feature, among others, the following: main stage (where scientific shows, lectures, debates and artists’ performances will take place), kid’s zone (which will, for the first time this year, be accompanied by a playroom with professional minders and entertainers for the youngest visitors), cosmic zone which will be a novelty at the Silesian Science Festival (featuring, among others, Mars rover shows) and a sport zone. The whole area of the International Congress Centre will be used for the needs of the Festival: lectures and workshops will be held in lecture and conference rooms as well as in so-called ballrooms (some activities will be carried out in the area of the fields of knowledge as well), and there will also be other special zones – e-sport zone, 3rd Festival of Secondary Schools “Reach for a profession” or a zone of scientific laser shows. The shows, prepared by a group of physics enthusiasts in an incredibly spectacular way, make use of the possibilities offered by their beloved science.

The programme of the 3rd Silesian Science Festival includes again the OFF Science zone with the Review of Garage Inventions. Just like last year, the organisers of the Festival want to introduce participants to the efforts of unique technical culture which has developed for years in private workshops, basements, garages and attics, where unusually original and unique technical concepts are created. Authors of projects which were submitted and received a positive opinion from an expert committee will have a chance to present themselves to the Festival audience at the OFF Science zone (on Sunday 13th January) and take part in a poll to choose the most inspiring invention – three awards will be granted in the Review of Garage Inventions: Festival audience award, committee award and “Dziennik Zachodni” readers’ award.

Admission to the premises of the Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE is free! Organised groups must, however, register in advance by filling in a special form available on the website of the Festival (registration is not obligatory for individuals and informal groups of up to 10 persons). After entering the International Congress Centre, organised groups and individuals may move freely around the Festival space (each group will be assigned a volunteer who will provide the most important information) but participation in some Festival activities will require prior registration. Hints on how to successfully complete the registration process as well as all necessary forms can be found on the website www.slaskifestiwalnauki in the section “For visitors”.

The 3rd Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE is organised by: University of Silesia in Katowice (leader and originator of the undertaking), City of Katowice (host city), Upper Silesian and Zagłębie Metropolis (co-host). The co-organisers are: Silesian University of Technology, Medical University of Silesia, Academy of Physical Education in Katowice, Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice and Jan Długosz University in Częstochowa. Strategic partners – PGNiG and PKO Bank Polski. Sponsors – Fujitsu Technology Solutions, Mokate Group and JAS-FBG S.A. Partners – Danone Sp. z o.o., Altamira S.C. Travel Agency, Bank Pekao SA. and Koleje Śląskie Sp. z.o.o.. Media patronage: “Dziennik Zachodni”,  “Nasze miasto”,   “Gazeta Wyborcza”,  “Charaktery”, “Gość Niedzielny”,  Polish Press Agency (PAP) – Science in Poland, TVP3 Katowice, Radio Katowice, Radio Piekary, Radio Bielsko and Radio Em.

The institutions join forces to prepare one of the largest events in Poland aimed at promoting science. The objective of the creators of the Festival is to stimulate social interest in science and inspire cognitive curiosity in people of all ages. They want to move science out of lecture halls and laboratories to show that it can be accessible and enjoyable, and, by the way, to strengthen the feeling of pride in the excellent academic centres of the Silesia Province and in their achievements.


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