Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology

The origins of the faculty date back to 1976 when it was set up as an independent university division following the breakup of the Faculty of Social Sciences. At present the faculty comprises two major institutes, each with several divisions and subdivisions.

The faculty offers full- and part-time courses in:

  • Pedagogy
  • Psychology, as well as various postgraduate programmes.

The faculty is entitled to grant a doctoral degree in Pedagogy and Psychology.

The faculty members undertake various projects and research activities of pedagogy and psychology, and their fields of interest include in the Institute of Pedagogy: objectives of social pedagogy in the face of the recent development of urban communities; modernization of out-of-school formative environments in changing social conditions; modernization of junior education in changing social conditions; organization and prerequisites of pedagogical work in educational institutions; history of education, upbringing and child care in Poland, with particular emphasis on regional problems; advantages and disadvantages of the ongoing changes in education; pedagogy of the Second Republic of Poland as a source of inspiration; transformation of schools and the dilemmas of teacher training in the 21st century; philosophical background of education in Europe; use of mass-media for educational purposes in the information society; the question of creativity in education; and methods and techniques of art therapy. In the Institute of Psychology scholars study creativity and innovativeness of contemporary organizations and their managers; analysis of opportunities and barriers in making use of intellectual capital; instruments of transfer of knowledge and technology; stereotypes of masculinity and femininity in social relationships; social power and influence; interpersonal communication; social and cultural exclusion; ecological values and identity; psychological expertise in court proceedings; behavior and personality disorders; crises in family systems and family mediation; methodological issues of contemporary psychology; temporal aspects of human behavior; social determinants of creativity; emotional competence and skills; Machiavellian personality; psychological diagnosis of children and youths; psychological health of school pupils; conceptualization and measurement of positive health; psychological problems in somatic illness; professional burn-out; mentality in the context of health behavior and quality of life; and materialistic orientation in relation to psychological well-being.

The faculty’s undergraduates may further develop their interests through active participation in debates and colloquia organized by student discussion groups such as Forensic and Court Psychology, Psychotherapy and Psychological Training, Psychology of Quality of Life, “Manager- Proprio Motu” Clubs, and the Alternative Education Club, Pedagogical Therapy Club, Drama Club, “Lallatio” Student Association, and others. The faculty brings out a number of important publications, some of which deserve special mention: Chowanna (the first journal of pedagogy in Poland), The New Educational Review, Auxilium Sociale - Social Support (periodical), Pedagogy and Psychology (collections of essays published by the University of Silesia Press), and two student magazines: Ponad-To (Further-More) and Neonatus.

The Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology cooperates with the following universities and academic institutions: University of Olomouc (Czech Republic), University of Ostrava (Czech Republic), Comenius University in Bratislava (Slovakia), Dresden Technical College (Germany), Viennese Academy of Pedagogy (Austria), European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research (Denmark-Austria), University of Brno (Czech Republic), National Development Centre for Educational Management and Policy at Bristol University (UK), School of Education at Exeter University (UK), Universities of England for International Activities (UK), Michigan State University College of Human Ecology (USA), Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz, Hochschule für Soziale Arbeit (Basel, Switzerland) and the Centre for Creative Learning in Sarasota, Florida (USA).


The Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology

ul. M. Grażyńskiego 53 , 40-126 Katowice