Exchange Students

The University of Silesia offers student and staff exchanges through three different ways:


After the University of Silesia has signed an agreement concerning student mobility, it is possible to send students from the partner institution to study on the University of Silesia for a specified period of time (eg. for a semester).

The incoming student (or the university he studies on) is required to contact the International Students Admissions Office in order to fix the dates of arrival and its details. The student is also bound to undergo the application process and submit required documents, such as:

  1. Application form,
  2. Learning Agreement,
  3. Copy of document confirming knowledge of the language of lecture (Polish or English),
  4. Copy of visa or residence card,
  5. Copy of the insurance policy,
  6. Copy of passport or other identity document,
  7. Current photograph,
  8. Medical certificate.

Please note that all of the documents should be verified by the University of Silesia (the student has to provide us also with originals for the means of verification).

You can find more information about student exchanges at the Admissions website.


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