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Beijing Foreign Studies University's visit to US

The meeting with Beijing Foreign Studies University, a long-lasting partner of the University of Silesia, had taken place in Katowice on Tuesday, November 14th, 2017.

As BFSU is one of the leading Chinese universities in teaching Polish language and culture, primarily the cooperation focused on this area. The scope of mutual activities today covers initiatives in languages, cultures, and law.

The Center of Chinese Language and Culture, which was opened this year at the University of Silesia, delivers Chinese classes to 200 students. Starting from January, in cooperation with China Art Museum in Shanghai, Institute of World Film Shanghai and Polish Institute in Beijing, the Chinese Film Club will be opened in the Center.

Answering to the market’s demand, the School of Chinese Law and Culture was established at the Faculty of Law and Administration. This initiative crafts the community of experts ready to develop and sustain Polish-Chinese business relations.

BFSU supports the University of Silesia by providing lectures in the Academy of Diplomacy. Furthermore, both institutions successfully realize student and staff exchange. Last year prof. Zhao Gang was the visiting professor at the University of Silesia, and Beijing Foreign Studies University hosted prof. Jolanta Tambor.

Beijing Foreign Studies University was represented by prof. Han Zhen, Chairman of the University Council of the Beijing Foreign Studies University, and prof. Zhao Gang, Dean of the School of European Languages and Cultures…

…prof. Ke Jing, Director of the International Exchange Office and Du Shuling of the International Exchange Office.

The University of Silesia was represented by prof. Tomasz Pietrzykowski, Vice-Rector for Domestic and International Cooperation, prof. Jolanta Tambor, Rector's Proxy for International Students and Director of the School of Polish Language and Culture…

…prof. Adam Wojtaszek, Director of the Institute of English, Zhao Weiting, PhD student on joint philology programme between US and BFSU, and Joanna Laskowska, Head of the International Students’ Admissions Office.

After the official part, the delegates had met BFSU students participating in one-year exchange programme. The meeting took place at the Center of Chinese Language and Culture.

Photos by: Press Section and Center of Chinese Language and Culture of the University of Silesia.


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